I'm head over heels in love with Laura. And I don't want to be the guy that's like, "Oh, who's hotter, this bitch or this bitch?" I wanna be the guy that's obsessed with one girl.

Anonymous whispered, "Love you bugaboo! :)"

*gasp* a secret admirer?!

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Anonymous whispered, "So this guy and I have been talking a lot. He lives 5 hours away, but i thought we had a lot on common and it got to the point where we were talking whenever we could. Then all of a sudden he says he got some girls number at the gym and i got really upset because i thought he was going to ask me out. I got really upset and decided i wasn't going to talk to him anymore. Was i being too hopeful and did i overreact to what happened? Is there any chance that he likes me and the girl was just random?"

haha yeah, overreaction.  he has every right to get anyone’s phone number he wants because he never made any sort of commitment to you.  ignoring him isn’t going to make him like you any more, and in fact i would venture to guess that unless you told him “i like you” then he doesn’t even realize it.  best dating advice i ever got was “if you aren’t happy and confident being single, then you can’t be happy or confident in a relationship.  it creates an imbalance where one person is dependent on the other and fosters angst and resentment.”  basically just find things you love to do and do them, and let everything else fall into place

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Anonymous whispered, "Are you really wealthy, like your family? You're backyard is amazing (lol from Laura's pictures)"

heellllll nawww haha when i grew up we were so poor i had to use my “imagination” when i got bored. weird, i know.  and we haven’t taken any pictures in my backyard… my backyard has a tractor in it

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lauraralston whispered, "I LAH YOUUUUUUUUUU. And I wish I were drunk right now. With you. I have so much vodka, no mixers, and no boyfriend. Fuck my fucking life. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MOVE IN WITH ME andavaandcatie. ohwait. no. dontdothat. Yeah. CAN YOU TELL I'M BORED? YEAH? Okay. Love you. Bye."

haha yeah i can tell. I LAAHHHHH YOU TOO!

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Anonymous whispered, "This is Laura but I'm on my phone so it's anon. Answer your questions ya cyber socially inept freak. Ive been blog staking you daily and NOTHING HAPPENS. Get on it babe."

Maybe if you asked me more questions I’d be inclined to ignore fewer of them.

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lauraralston whispered, "ANSWER YOUR FUCKING QUESTIONS YOU DICKWAD. Love you oodles."


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Anonymous whispered, "I'm the one who has a best guy friend in the Marines, The one who left for MCT and is really distance towards me. I took your advice and I've been really encouraging towards him and telling him how much I appreciate what he's doing but he is being an even bigger jerk. I told him how I felt about him and how I know I've been really annoying about this whole situation and all he said was "don't feel bad or anything I'm just trying to focus on my career." What do I do? How do I react to his?"

If he wants to focus on his career that’s his choice. Just make sure he knows that you’re not going to sit around and wait for him to make time for you. Also understand that he is surrounded by people who prioritize the marine corps above all else, and that once he gets settled in a bit more then he’ll realize that he may value things besides machine guns and ironing his uniform. It’s hard but give it time and find things that make you happy in the meantime

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Anonymous whispered, "What do you think is most important to a long distance relationship?"

Blogstalking. And patience. Lots of patience.

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Anonymous whispered, "What's your height and weight?"

173 cm, 75kg

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Anonymous whispered, "do you have any advice about communication? my guy has a tendency to just bottle everything up, and i WANT him to be able to share stuff with me so I can help him if I need to. Sometimes he gets uncomfortable talking about commitment and serious stuff."

Try to be specific when you ask a question. “What’s on your mind?” will probably get you “Food.” If you ask a question targeted at a relationship issue then you’re more likely to get a relevant answer. Girls tend to think about relationship issues in their free time. Guys specialize in ignoring them. It’s what makes the world go round

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